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The Suzuki program at NCMC is a community within a community.

The Suzuki method can be applied effectively to students of any age, but most participants at NCMC can begin between the ages of 4 and 10 because the initial learning takes place through listening rather than reading.

The method incorporates a rounded

educational approach:

  • Nurturing a Love of Music!

  • Listening & Learning Proper Intonation

  • Development of Posture & Motor Skills​

  • Private Lessons

  • Group Classes

  • Ensemble Performances

Parent education and participation is essential to the progress of the child and requires a serious commitment of time and energy. Both parent and child attend a weekly private lesson, practice and listen together daily at home, attend regular group playing classes, and participate in public performances and special events.

Further reading about the philosophies of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki are available from the NCMC office and from the Suzuki Association of the Americas website.

Ready to Enroll?


*Financial aid applications must be submitted annually.

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Suzuki Events

V = violin/viola

C = cello

Sun 10/22 - Spooky Suzuki (V, C)

Sat 11/18 - Suzuki Review Recital (V)

Sat 12/2 - 10am Suzuki Winter Kick-Off Event (V, C)

Thu 12/21 - Suzuki Holiday Carol Reading Party (books 2+) (V, C)

Fri 1/12 - 6pm Suzuki Honors Recital (V, C)

Sun 2/11 - 1:30pm Valentine's Day Play-In (V, C)

Sat 3/23 - 1:30pm Suzuki Bach Recital (V,C)

Sun 4/7 - 1:30pm Suzuki Spring Group Class Recital (V, C)

Sat 5/18 - Springfest (Violins at 11:30am, Cellos at 1:30pm) at Pulaski Park

Thurs 6/13 - 7pm Suzuki Honors Recital (V, C) at NCMC


NCMC is a proud member of the

Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc.

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