The Suzuki Program

Emily Greene, Program Coordinator, Head of Suzuki Violin Dept.

Anne Werry, Head of Suzuki Cello Dept.

The Suzuki method, offered at NCMC on violin, viola, cello and guitar, allows a child to begin study at a very early age, because the initial learning takes place through listening rather than reading.  Parent education and participation is essential to the progress of the child and requires a serious commitment of time and energy.  Both parent and child attend a weekly private lesson, practice and listen together daily at home, attend regular group playing classes, and participate in public performances and special events.  The Suzuki Program is a community within a community at NCMC, and participation is key to making the most of your experience.

It is a misconception that Suzuki students do not learn to read music.  Pre-reading and reading activities are a standard part of the curriculum, but are introduced after students have had the chance to develop proper posture, intonation, and motor development. Further reading about the philosophies of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki are available from the NCMC office and from the Suzuki Association of the Americas web site.  Families are strongly encouraged to read these materials, and will be required to attend an intake appointment with the Executive Director and observe a private lesson and group class prior to registering for this program.  Please email Executive Director Jason Trotta to schedule an appointment.


NCMC is a proud member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc.

Please revisit soon for information about the 2021-2022 academic year