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Financial Aid Application

Note: As part of our participation in the Card to Culture program, you automatically qualify for at least 20% coverage if you have an EBT/SNAP, WIC, and/or ConnectorCare card. Simply upload a photo of your card. In order to maximize your scholarship, it is recommended that all financial aid applicants upload a tax/income form as well.

Include all types of income: wages, child support, SSI, disability, etc.

Please attach a copy of the 1040 form from your most recently filed tax return. If it does not accurately reflect your current financial situation, use the "Financial Overview" section above to explain any recent changes.

If you have not filed taxes in the past two years, please indicate that and supply NCMC with copies of any documents that substantiate your need (qualification letters for SSI, disability benefits, federal assistance, etc.).

If you have any questions, please contact NCMC's Executive Director Jason Trotta at (413) 585-0001. Documents may be mailed, hand-delivered to an NCMC staff person during office hours, or attached to this online form. 

Please note: If you'd prefer to turn in a paper copy of supporting documentation, please attach a place-holder file (a word document is fine) in order to submit the online form.

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Thanks for applying!

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