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About the Center

Our mission, who we are, and what we do

Our Mission

Founded in 1986, the Northampton Community Music Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster the love and pursuit of music within our community through quality education, performances and activities that are accessible to all.

Our building features 15 teaching studios, 18 pianos, 8 grands and 10 uprights,  2 recital halls, and a fully equipped recording studio.

Classes and Programming

Whatever type of music you want to learn, NCMC has something for you. Regardless of age, experience level or financial situation, there are many opportunities for everyone to be a part of music! 


We offer both private lessons and group instruction, and offer financial aid on all programming.


Our Teachers and Students

NCMC has something for everyone! There are programs and lessons offered for students of all ages, instruments and styles.
We have taught over 20,000 students since our founding in 1986.

With 49 instructors on our faculty, over half of them have been teaching at NCMC for 15 years or longer, and more than 70% have a Master's Degree or higher.

Alumni Testimonials

Joel Bein
Artistic Director, New Orleans Chamber Players

"As a teen, NCMC gave me a place to look forward to visiting each week, with both private lessons and the brass ensemble with Donna Gouger. She inspired me to strive for musical excellence - but even more so to keep a smile and a laugh at the forefront of life. Now as a professional, I strive to keep that youthful joy shining through me."

Jamie Kent
Nashville Recording Artst

"Being lucky enough to have my album appear at #16 on the Billboard chart , or my songs appear in Rolling Stone magazine, playing shows with Huey Lewis and the News, Reba McIntyre, America, Foreigner, I can honestly say none of that would have been possible if not for the impact NCMC had on me"

Julia Suriano

"I owe all of my success to Jane Hanson and NCMC. ...I wouldn't have the professional musical theater career that I have today, I am so grateful and love you all so much"

Benny Woodard
Jazz Musician/Educator


"I am so grateful to NCMC and the Youth Jazz Ensemble to give me a space to feel comfortable and be creative...and that was such a gift to have as a young person, and I am so grateful for that, which I would not have had if it wasn't for NCMC"

Important Documents


Board & Administration

Administrative Staff:

Jason Trotta, Executive Director

Rebecca Schrader, Registrar

Jeffrey Fulmer, Administrative Assistant

Dori Parkman, Bookkeeper

Board of Directors:

Meredith Hoverman, President

Karen Gengler, 1st Vice President

Nancy Cheevers, 2nd Vice President

Don Carden, Treasurer

Joe Blumenthal, Clerk

Rebecca Burwell

Nancy Cheevers

Dusty Christensen

Kerry Dumbaugh

Michael Ford

Richard Moulding

Gayle Pemberton

Vikram Sood

Alice Swersey

Greg White

Advisory Council:

William Feinstein, Founder

John Anz

Sally Bagg

David Beauvais

Borromeo String Quartet

Elizabeth Chang

Mike Doyle

Alex Feinstein

Roberta Goldman

Jonathan Hirsh

Pamela Hunter

Estela Olevsky

Nancy Reeves

Pamela Schwartz

Astrid Schween

Deborah Sherr

Matt Stamell

Bill Tuman

William Wallace

Greg White

Jonathan Wright

Meg Kelsey Wright