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Card to Culture

NCMC is pleased to be participating in the Card to Culture program, by extending discounts to EBT, WIC, and ConnectCare health insurance cardholders.

20-60% off !

How does it work?


All of our ticketed events (excluding some fundraisers) will have a discounted price that says "CTC" or "EBT/WIC/ConnectorCare Cardholders," which you should select if you benefit from one or more of those programs. You will not need to present your card at the event, as our ticketing process is entirely online.

Note that NCMC spaces are open for rent, and only the events listed here are actually organized by NCMC. Our renters are encouraged but not required to offer discounted tickets for CTC cardholders.

Private Lessons & Group Classes

In order to receive a discount on your tuition, you'll have to fill out the financial aid form. Simply upload a photo of your card on your application as your "Primary Documentation," and you will immediately qualify for at least 20% off. In order to be considered for a 21-60% discount, you will need to provide "Supplemental Documentation." This is typically form 1040 from the most recent federal tax return filed for the household of the student applying. See financial aid for more details on documentation.

Note that our Pride Chorus and Ujima Singers programs are free for CTC cardholders!

As soon as we have processed your financial aid form, the Executive Director will email to notify you of your discount, at which point you can go ahead and fill out a registration form for the program(s) of your choice!

Equity in the Arts

Card to Culture is a collaboration between Mass Cultural Council and:

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