Support NCMC through the COVID-19 crisis

Dear Friend of NCMC,


Although our newly purchased and renovated building is closed and silent, the music plays on. Over 75% of NCMC’s private lesson students continue learning remotely, and teachers have adapted to teaching group classes in new and creative ways. Parents and students alike report that music lessons are a bright spot in their week, providing joy and a sense of accomplishment during these challenging and uncertain times. Students are even practicing more!


NCMC has acquired a PPP loan which assures that faculty and staff will continue to be paid for at least the immediate future. We have maxed out our line of credit, mortgage payments will be deferred for several months, and we continue to seek grant support on both the local and regional level. While we recognize that life-preserving organizations are to be given top priority, we also know that music is, in its own way, life sustaining. Music is indeed food for the soul.


Tuition alone does not cover our expenses, and all revenue-producing events for spring have been canceled. Summer programs remain an uncertainty. To ensure a path forward for NCMC, we are going to need everyone's help. If you have the capacity to make a monetary contribution to NCMC, please consider a donation now. Online donations at are received immediately, and monthly installments are an option. If you prefer, you can send a check to us at 139 South St, Northampton MA 01060. Generous one-time tax incentives are being offered by the federal government for contributions made to nonprofits in the wake of COVID-19. Studios at NCMC will be dedicated with a plaque to those who contribute $50,000 or more.


Whatever your capacity to give, or your connection to NCMC, please convey to others its importance to you, your children, and our community. Help us keep the music playing!


Visit our web site and Facebook page, and join our email list to receive regular updates and enjoy some music videos being shared by our teachers, students, families and friends. Stay safe and well, everyone.



Jason Trotta

Executive Director