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Summer Lessons

If you are applying for financial aid, or would like to discuss payment plan options, please contact before submitting the registration form.

The person submitting this registration form must be 18 years of age or older.
By submitting the form, you verify that the below information is accurate and you have read and understood NCMC's policies and procedures.
A non-refundable registration fee of $15 will be charged upon submitting this form, and by submitting you authorize NCMC to charge the remaining balance in full (according to the lesson length & number you select and your financial aid status) once the registration has been processed.

For students who take private lessons during the school year, the registration fee will be waived, and the $15 taken for submitting the form will be applied towards the balance for the lessons.

Payment authorization valid through August, 2023.

By registering for an NCMC program you agree to receive important news and update information via email.

Have you applied for financial aid?

Students who qualified for financial aid for the 22-23 academic year should check "yes," but do not need to reapply.

Thanks for submitting!

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