PRACTICE-A-THON... at home!

Hello Practice-a-thon Participants!

Many things have changed while we stay home these days, and Practice-a-thon is also a little different this year. To keep this tradition going, we are now online for Practice-a-thon so you can participate at home!

The banner below shows you and your friends' practice progress each week! The journey this year is through Peter's backyard from Peter and the Wolf! If you have never heard Peter and the Wolf before, you can listen here!

How to participate:

Between now and May 1:

  • With your teacher, decide how long you will commit to practicing each day.

  • Use this pledge form to register pledges from family & friends.


During the month of May:


*Check this webpage to see yourself on the Practice-a-thon Progress Banner Below!*


June 1 - June 15:

  • Collect the money owed from each person who pledged to support you:

  • Send Sam in the office an email with a picture of your completed pledge sheet so everyone who supported you gets a thank you letter

Remember! If you raise at least $60 in pledges you will earn a Practice Pal ! 

Usually at the end of Practice-a-thon, we have a celebratory Practice-a-thon party to honor all your hard work. We are going to have this celebration at a later time when we can all be together again. Stay tuned as we reschedule this event.

Join us for