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Good Neighbors Project

The Northampton Community Music Center has secured a grant from the Charles H. Hall Foundation to connect children in the area who have come from a sanctuary-seeking family (or similar situation) with Music Together, our early childhood group music programming.

This grant will allow us to support up to 3 families per season with any number of children under age 5. The grant will cover the cost for them to attend any or all of the 10-week sessions this year, including all materials.

We hope this program can help provide cultural orientation, accelerate language acquisition, and help create new friendships and social bonds for new migrant families through the power of music.

More about Music Together:


Musical ability is as much a life skill as walking or talking, and all children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with pleasure and confidence in the music of their culture. In this class, children’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement are nurtured as they sing, dance, and play instruments along with their parents or caregivers and their specially-trained instructor. Focus is on fostering a long-lasting love and appreciation of music-making in one’s earliest years of life that can serve in all aspects of their education and development through adulthood. All families will receive a book of activities and songs, and a corresponding CD. 

Winter season begins week of Dec 6

Spring season begins week of Mar 28

Please contact Ryan at registrar@ncmc.net if you are interested.