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NCMC is a proud member of the National Guild for Community Arts Education and the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

NCMC programs are made possible in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Chamber music at NCMC is supported by a grant from ACMP (Associated Chamber Music Players).

NCMC EIN number: 04-3428393

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Fridays  9:00-5:00

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Dear NCMC Faculty Members, Students, Families and Friends,


I am sure you join me in sending love and encouragement to our wonderful Mayor David Narkewicz, who this morning publicly announced that he tested positive for the Coronavirus. He will remain in isolation at home with his family during his recovery, and he urges everyone to remain vigilant and follow recommended guidelines to stay healthy and avoid spreading the virus.


Additionally, Governor Baker publicly announced that all schools must remain closed until May 4th. Therefore, for the safety of the community, NCMC will be doing the same.


This does not mean that the teaching will cease. Many of NCMC's teachers and students are already meeting online for lessons, and with tremendous success. Of course we would all prefer to be in each other's company, but we must accept these circumstances and remain productive in the ways that we can.


Comments keep coming in from teachers and parents that they are not only making this medium work, but are surprised by some of its unanticipated benefits. As demonstrated broadly across the internet and the world, making connections through music could not be more important right now. Our teachers understand that they have a role in this health crisis, and we all want to continue to be there for you.


If you are already an NCMC student or parent, haven't up until now been eager about the concept of online lessons, and have the technology, now is the time to talk to your teacher and get going. It's going to be like this for a while. And if you're not yet registered and stuck at home, now might be the time to registerand give some lessons a try.


I have one last thing to request, and it's very, very important. As the powers that be figure out how to remedy the effects of COVID-19 on our country and our region, it will be easy for arts and cultural organizations to be forgotten. Don't let that happen. Please take two minutes to lend your voice to MassCreative's campaign to urge consideration for arts and culture from our Commonwealth's legislators. Even if you know your local representative is supportive of the arts, you should still do this so they have power in numbers to send an impactful message to our Governor.


There will be much work to be done to put our country back together after the danger subsides, but we can't wait until then to remember our non-profit organizations who are at considerable risk of closing their doors if we do not act early. In the coming days, I will be providing you with other ways you can help, and I know we can count on you.


Again, I wish you all good health and safety.




Jason Trotta

Executive Director


March 17, 2020:

Dear NCMC Faculty Members, Students, Families and Friends,


Last night, the Mayor of Northampton issued a state of emergency for the City of Northampton, expanding on his original safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. In cooperation with these guidelines, the Northampton Community Music Center has moved the date to reopen its facility one week later to April 7, 2020.


We encourage private lesson teachers and students to continue their work together via Skype, Zoom, or other video conferencing software in the interim. It's free and very easy to set up if you have a smartphone, tablet or home computer with a built-in camera, and many teachers are reporting better-than-anticipated success.


Continuing with one's music study will not only provide a sense of joy and accomplishment, but also a bit of distraction and normalcy at a time when it is so very much needed. If anyone needs assistance in making this happen, our wonderful Registrar Adriana and Administrative Assistant Sam are more than happy to help.


We know not everyone has the means nor technology, and unfortunately, these applications all produce a slight delay, making duets and ensemble rehearsals impossible. We will have to resume these programs when we return. But we encourage you to be creative in how you use music in these times to share, connect and give something beautiful to the community. Tell us what you're doing. We could use a little positivity and inspiration now, too!


I will continue to check in with all of you. Be confident that we are gathering important information and working with the leaders in our field to figure out our path forward after all of this. We are grateful to our wonderful community for its support, compassion, and understanding at this very difficult time.


Continue to be gracious to one another, and keep yourselves safe and healthy.




Jason Trotta

Executive Director

March 11, 2020

Dear NCMC Faculty Members, Students, Families and Friends,


Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding as we continue to assess and respond to the current health situation and the recommendations of local authorities. After careful consideration, NCMC will temporarily close its facility to the public for two weeks from March 15 through March 29. Here is important information about how various programs and services will operate during this hiatus.


Private lessons will continue to be held at NCMC through this Saturday, March 14th. For the following two weeks, teachers who have the capability will offer private lessons to their students over Skype (or another preferred method of video conferencing). Those who cannot take advantage of this option will be on a two-week hiatus from lessons, which will be made up either during April break or at the end of the school year.


All of the following programs will be on hiatus through the end of March:

Adult Violin Classes

Blues Jam

Cello Choir

Chamber Ensembles

Jazz Ensembles

Ku'umba Women's Chorus

Music Together

Pioneer Valley New Horizons Band*

Pride Chorus (will meet tonight 3/11)

Suzuki Group Classes

Winter Chamber Orchestra


*Pioneer Valley New Horizons Band will still meet for their special event tomorrow morning (3/12), but will then be on hiatus through the end of March.


All concerts and special events previously scheduled for the month of March are canceled. All who have rented space at NCMC for the month of March will also have to reschedule their events.


As we approach the end of March, we will be in touch with further updates. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Stay healthy.




Jason Trotta

Executive Director

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Friday, 3/27/2020