Summer Youth Chamber Music Audition Instructions

The Summer Youth Chamber Music Program [NEW PROGRAM DATES: Aug 10-14] is accepting video auditions! This program is designed for young musicians in grades 4-12 with at least 2 years of study on a string instrument, woodwind instrument, or piano.



Audition videos may be filmed on your preferred device (smartphones are perfectly fine for this!) and uploaded to youtube, vimeo, google drive, or your preferred method, so long as you are able to email a link to Sarah and Anne to view the video.


- Videos should be under 10 minutes

- Introduce yourself, how long you've studied your instrument, and your teacher's name

- Be sure to have your entire self and instrument visible on camera

- Play two contrasting pieces or selections

- Introduce the title and composer of each of your two pieces

- Play two scales (in the keys of your chosen pieces)

- Include a little about yourself (hobbies, interests, etc, we're excited to learn about you!)


- Please include a picture or scan of your sheet music in your email **

- Please briefly discuss your sight reading ability/level ***


Email all video submissions to Sarah and Anne, NCMC's Summer Chamber Music Coordinators, no later than May 22nd.

Sarah Swersey <

Anne Werry <>




Please note, auditions for this program are for placement purposes. If you are auditioning, that means we are excited to work with you this summer and are expecting your commitment in order to coordinate the right chamber ensemble for you and your fellow student musicians!


When you are ready to email your audition video, please also submit a registration here (no later than June 5th).

Please also note, if applying for financial aid or wanting to discuss payment plan options, please email NCMC's Registrar, Adriana <>, before you complete your online registration.


Some notes & suggestions:

* Pianists, in particular, please make sure your hands on the keyboard and your feet on the pedals are visible and in frame.

** If your pieces are long, please select a passage to play -- A minute or two of each piece is sufficient. The same goes for when you're attaching sheet music, please send along just the relevant page(s).

*** Since we won't see you in person to have you sight-read during your audition, getting a sense of your skill and comfort level and ability is helpful. You can discuss this in your audition video or write about it in the body of your email.


To review details about the Summer Youth Chamber Music Program, you can view the brochure online here. PLEASE NOTE: Though the brochure lists the original June dates, NCMC has postponed this program, which will now take place August 10-14.