Effective June 2020, NCMC will accept all registration applications for lessons or classes with the presumption that students are ready and willing to participate online as an alternative to in-person instruction if deemed necessary by the administration of the Music Center for the safety of all concerned.  All other policies below will be enforced as such going forward.  Thank you.
Financial Aid

Applications for financial aid must be completed each year. Awards are applicable from September 1 through August 31 for academic year and summer programming.


Applications must be completed by an adult age 18 or older who is either the legal guardian of children who will benefit from this award or the individual who will directly benefit from this award.


It is the intent of the Music Center that no serious student should be unable to study because of financial constraints. Until an application has been processed, full tuition applies and NCMC cannot award financial aid retroactively. There are no full scholarships, and awards range from 10-60% off NCMC’s regular tuition rates. Families are strongly encouraged to share all information that most effectively substantiates their need.


Supporting Documentation: Applications must be accompanied by the first 2-3 pages of form 1040 from the most recent federal tax return filed for the household of the student applying, even if it does not accurately represent the family’s current financial situation. In situations of joint custody, parents of both households must supply their tax returns. Families who have not filed a federal tax return within the past two years will be required to supply other documentation substantiating their household income and should contact the Executive Director before applying. All documents are kept strictly confidential.


Note: EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cardholders automatically qualify for assistance upon completion of a financial aid application (amounts will vary based on information supplied).


All students at NCMC are expected to attend lessons regularly and be on time, to practice regularly, and to inform the Music Center and teacher well in advance if they must miss a lesson. All students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in recitals and to volunteer at events that raise funds for NCMC’s scholarship program whenever possible. Failure to attend lessons, practice regularly, treat teachers and fellow students with respect, and meet payment deadlines may result in revocation of financial aid.


Returning students reapplying for financial aid must be in good standing to be considered for a financial aid award. Unpaid account balances, excessive absences, or other issues may result in an application denial.


Please read Expectations of NCMC Students in our Policies and Procedures at ncmc.net/policies. (Paper copies also available.)


Financial aid recipients may choose payment in full, quarterly or monthly payments. This will be coordinated with the Registrar upon confirmation of enrollment.

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